Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machines

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Clients can avail qualitative Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine from us at economical rates. Compact in structure, these machines are very rigid in construction. Offered machines are vibration free and are available with variable milling speeds along with hydraulic operable table movements. We are also manufacturer of the Manual Surface Grinding Machine.

This Product is available with two models which is Aarti H-1 it contains the maximum table size 225 x 450mm and other one Aarti H-2 with Maximum table size 300 x 600mm.

These machines have convenient and perfect angle of wheel dressing mechanism. Valued patrons can avail Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine from us, ensuring door-step delivery at customers’ premises, within stipulated time.

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    Product Specifications

    Salient Features

    1.The Structure

    The machine is built of heavy duty high grade cast iron. Base is built of hand scraped to achieve fine tolerance & accuracy. Reciprocation table provide V & Flat (guide) ways lining with TURCITE – B for easy movement.

    2.The Wheel Head

    The Wheel head spindle hardned & ground, runs with precision angular-contact bearings with imported greece to have long trouble free service and driven by flange mounted motor through flexible couplings.

    3.The Hydraulic System

    Separete Hydraulic power pack is duty fitted with 24 V DC pielot operated Solenoid valve.

    4.The Cross Feed

    The cross feed is through a lead screw and nut. The automatic cross feed at every reversak if the table is provided through engaged with gear mechanisim and feed controlled by a solid state electronic system. The cross feed is infinitely variable to get desirable accuracy and surface finish.

    5.The Micro feed system

    Wheel head – slide movement right side in the base. Wheel head feed least count in 0.01 mm and microfeed least count in 0.002 mm.

    Product Technical Specification

    ID Model Aarti H-1 Aarti H-2
    1 Max. table size 450 x 225 mm 600 x 300 mm
    2 Max. longitudinal travel 500 mm 650 mm
    3 Max. cross traverse 225 mm 305 mm
    4 Max. Spindle centre height above table 275 mm 275 mm
    5 Max. table speed 14m/min 14m/min
    6 Power Cross Traverse 1800 mm/ Min 1800 mm/ Min
    7 Auto crossfeed table each reversal 0.5 – 5.0 mm 0.5 – 5.0 mm
    8 Least count of verticle feed hand wheel 0.01 mm 0.01 mm
    9 Least count of microfeed 0.002 mm 0.002 mm
    10 Size of grinding wheel (Dia × Width × Bore) 200 × 13 × 31.75 mm 200 × 19 × 31.75 mm
    11 Spindle motor 1 HP 2 HP
    12 Speed of Grinding wheel 2800 RPM 2800 RPM
    13 Working pressure 10 kg/Cm2 10 kg/Cm2
    14 Permanent Magnetic chuck 450 x 200 mm 600 x 250 mm
    15 Hydraulic motor 1.5 H.P. 1.5 H.P.
    16 Tank capacity 60 litres 60 litres


    Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
    • Permanent magnetic chuck,
    • Balancing stand & mandrel,
    • Diamond dressor with holder,Lubrication pump
    • Toolkit ,One – grindng wheel with flange
    • Electric control panel,Hydraulic system
    • Coolant equipment
    • Machine lamp (230 v ac)
    • Wheel flange unit


    1) As improvement are made from time to time. These specification are subject to change without prior notice and are not binding on us. inspection at our sight before delivery..

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