Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machine

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We are specialised in offering a wide range of Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machines that are made using high grade material. Offered by us, Hydraulic Cylindrical grinding machine used for External, Internal or Face grinding of small components in small to medium Production batches.

Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machine also comes with the Various Capacity Sizes from 450mm to 1000mm and Also have customize options available.

Highly precise & available with many optional accessories to grind large variety of components. We offer our products with prompt after-sales service and technical support.

Atul Machine also offers CNC External Grinding Machine and Mechanical Cylindrical Grinding Machine.

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Product Specifications

Salient Features


Base:  This is a high grade alloy cast iron body designed to make easy movement of table slide, by providing V – ways and flat ways duly hand scraped to fine tolerance to achieve highest accuracy.

Table:  It is composed of two parts. The lower part is called “Slide” and upper part “Table”. “TURCITE – B” is lined on table ways and as well as on slide ways. The slide moves on V and flat ways of bed provided for which ensure very smooth longitudinal table movement. The upper table can swiveled for external and internal grinding jobs. with fine setting arrangement.


Work head spindle has been made for revolving as well as stationary centers. Work head can be Swiveled upto 90˚ towards grinding wheel and 30˚ towards operator for taper and conical grinding. The drive to work head spindle is given by and electric motor through V-belts.

The Tail stock spindle runs in a honed bore are spring loaded for quick release. Morese taper are arranged for dead centres.


Designed to ensure maximum rigidity and smooth operation. The spindle is fitted with white metal taper bushes. The Grinding wheel is fitted on a taper nose mounted in wheel-flange, arranged to balance for vibration free operation. The drive is given by an electric motor through V-belts. Wheel head slide lining with anti-friction material “TURCITE – B”.

Product Technical Specification

Model ACH-450 ACH-600 ACH-800 ACH-1000 ACH-1250 ACH-1500
Max. Grinding length 450mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1250mm 1500mm
Max. Centre Height 165mm
Max. Work Swing 325mm
Work Head
Swivel Angle 45°
Centre MT-4
Spindle Speed 3
Wheel Head
Grinding Wheel Size 508x38x203 mm
Grinding Wheel Speed 1200 RPM
Wheel Head Rapid Approach/Retraction 35 MM
Table Feed Hydraulic Infinitely Variable
Range Of Tabel Feed 100 – 4000 M/Min
Max. Table Swivel -2+8 -2+6
Tail Stock
Center MT-4
Grinding Wheel Motor 3 hp / 2.2 kw
Work Head Motor 0.5hp / 0.38 kw
Hydraulic Motor 1hp / 0.75 kw
Coolant Motor 0.15 hp / 0.112 kw
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Tank 40 L
Coolant Tank 50 L
Total Power 5 hp / 3.75 kw
Net Weight (Approx.) 1620 kg 1910 kg 2105 kg 2150 kg 2325 kg 2760 kg


Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
  • Coolant Pump with Tank
  • Grinding Wheel with Flange and Flange Puller
  • Chuck plate
  • Carbite Cipe Dead Centre 2 Nos.
  • Dressing tool Holder
  • Testing Bar
  • Toolkit
  • Lubrication oil pump
  • Turcite – B slide way
  • Internal Attachment
  • Wheel Balancing Stand
  • Wheel Balancing Mandrel
  • DRO
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • Spare Wheel flange
  • Magnetic separator
  • Anti vibration mount
  • Radius dresser
  • Carrier plate
  • Two speed motor
  • AC Drive For Workhead
  • Cartige Size Wheel Spindle


1) As improvement are made from time to time. These specification are subject to change without prior notice and are not binding on us. inspection at our sight before delivery..

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