CNC External Grinding Machine

Innovation, Accuracy & Affordable

The CNC External Grinding Machine has expressly designed to achieve accuracy with easy to use and affordable price to shape the outside of an object. The CNC External Grinding Machine can work on a variety of shapes and offer solutions to satisfy all users’ needs for a wide variety of applications in production environments.

We hold special expertise in manufacturing a CNC External Grinding Machine and we offer our products with prompt after-sales service and technical support. We also offers a Hydraulic Cylindrical Grinding Machines, Mechanical Cylindrical Grinding Machines.

  • Accurate Results
  • Siemens System
  • Total Grinding Solution
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    Product Specifications

    Salient Features

    1.The Structure

    All Major structure are manufactured by high grade casting heavily ribbed for higher rigidity & better damping characteristic. X and Z precision manual scraped V and flat guide ways coated with Turcite-B.

    2.Controller Specifications

    • Siemens/Fanuc 2 Axis servo Controller with standard built-in grinding cycles.
    • Simultaneous 2 Axis Control, Grinding cycle/dressing cycles.
    • Auto referencing, RS 232 C serial interface port. CF card Interface, inch/metric Switchable.
    • Pitch error & back lash compensation.
    • G. code/ M code compatibility with NC builders.

    Product Technical Specification

    Specification Units 600mm 1000mm
    MAX. Grinding Diameter mm 150 150
    Max. Grinding Length mm 600 1000
    Max. Weight Of the Job Kg 50 70
    Work Head
    Center Height mm 165 165
    Spindle Nose MT 4 4
    Spindle Speed (Infinity Variable) rpm 30-600 30-600
    Spindle Motor Power H.P. 1 1
    Max. Swivel DEGREE 45 45
    Cartridge Type Grinding Spindle RPM 1750 1750
    Peripheral (Surface) Speed m/Sec 30 30
    Grinding Wheel Size (OD x width x ID) mm 400 × 50 × 127 400 x 50 x 127
    Spindle Motor Power KW/H.P. 3.75/5 3.75/5
    X Axis Stroke mm 175 175
    Z Axis Stroke mm 750 1150
    Rapid Feed Rate For X & Z Axis m/min 15 15
    Minimum Resolution mm 0.001 0.001
    Axis Servo Motor Power X/Z Nm 6/8 6/11
    Center Taper MT 4 4
    Quill Travel mm 25 25
    Total Connected Load H.P H.P. 15 15
    Supply Voltage   3 PH 415 V AC, 50 HZ 3 PH 415 V AC, 50 HZ
    Space Area (L x W Approx) mm 3000 x 2000 4500 x 2000


    Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
    • AC servo axis drive for X and Z.
    • Servo Motor with IP 65 protection.
    • Precision ground ball screw for both Axis.
    • Cartridge size grinding spindle.
    • Automatic Centralised & Programmable lubrication system.
    • Auto & Manual Coolant System.
    • Coolant tank with magentic separator.
    • V-needle slide.
    • Liner glass scale
    • In-process gauging system,flagging probe,air gap eliminator & Crash detector.
    • paper band with magnetic coolant filtration system.
    • Wheel head motor with VFD for constant surface speed.
    • Grinding wheel 500X50X203.2mm with 5.5KW motor.
    • Servo voltage stabilizer.
    • Fanuc Controller


    1) As improvement are made from time to time. These specification are subject to change without prior notice and are not binding on us. inspection at our sight before delivery..

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